Here at Vapers Nation we strive to make our channel a place for Vapers to help Vapers and for Smokers to come when they need help to become a Vaper. We cater to new vapers and experienced vapers, if you have questions please come ask us!

When Vapers Nation was reborn, we wanted it to be known as the helping network that doesn’t turn its back on someone asking for it.

As for the hosts we have always made sure they feel at home, comfortable being themselves, and not afraid of who they really are, we accept people for who they are! If you can’t be yourself and enjoy doing what you like, then hosting isn’t fun!

*All Times are Eastern Time*

 *We also have a DJ named R3V that comes on late at night but doesn’t have a schedule so pay attention to the Facebook and Google groups for posts when he is live!!

 6pm to 8pm – – Keeping it Real with Honest Vape
 8pm to 11pm – – Vaping with Kentucky Josh & Medic Zach
 11pm to 1am – – Mandi-tory Vaping with Mandi

 6pm to 8pm – – Scuba’s Hangout
 8pm to 10pm – – Fogged in with Robert & Muffin
 10pm to Midnight – – The Vape Arcanum with Chris & Chris

 6pm to 8pm – –
 8pm to 10pm – – In the Shop with Hotrod
 10pm to Midnight – – Brutal Vaper

 6pm to 8pm – – Scuba’s Hangout
 8pm to 9pm – – The Wytching Hour with Chris & Vape Dork
 9pm to 11pm – – Eric & Rob Live (Eraticvapes)
 11pm to 1am – – Potions in Motion with Dragonmoon

 12pm to 2pm – – The Nooner with Blue (on hold)
 8pm to 10pm – – In The Team Room with The Old Sarge
 10pm to Midnight – – The Thought Never Crossed My Mind (Choo Choo Vapes)
 12am to 2am – – Vape’Gazm

 10am to noon – – Gametime with Pawpawvapes
 6pm to 8pm – – Haste Ye Back! with Verey Bowring
 8pm to 10pm – – Just Vaping with Joe P & Sarge
 10pm to Midnight – – Fogged in with Robert & Muffin

 9am to 11am – – The Original Southern Vaper
 6pm to 8pm – – Haste Ye Back! with Verey Bowring
 8pm to 10pm – – Live with Vapor – Nathan R & Riddled
 10pm to Midnight – – A.D.H.D. Vaping with Joe P. & Ken
 12am to 2am – – Ladies Night with Mandi & Kay


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